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Scheming Since Decal Kit


Where it all started is just as important as when and why it started. Our Scheming Since kit is built on the concept of juggling two worlds – dark and light. No matter which side you choose, you’ll always have a piece of the other within you.

When applying decals to your motorcycle, don’t settle for average and definitely don’t settle for less. The last thing you would want is to purchase cheap vinyl, invest the time to apply it on your bike and then find out it’s peeling off at a bike meet. Your decal should come off when you want it to.

Our decals are made of high performance vinyl. They are one of a kind, built to last and durable within harsh weather conditions. It consists of the same premium materials that companies use to brand their vehicles.

Kit Includes

  • (2) Mid-Fairing Decals – Connected Balance Fill Brooklyn; Connected Balance Brooklyn | Size: 29 cm Wide x 13.7 cm High | The city’s name can be customized to your preference. Please note in the checkout page the city’s name you would like to purchase
  • (1) Lower Fairing – Horizontal Classic Scheming Since Words; OR Connected Balance Fill Scheming Since; OR Connected Balance Scheming Since | Size: 20.8 cm Wide x 5.5 cm High
  • (4) Tank Decals – Thumb Fingerprint; Thumb Fill Fingerprint | Size: 4.5 cm Wide x 5.6 cm High; Horizontal Brooklyn Rider Word | Size: 27.9 cm Wide x 25.5 cm High
  • (1) Head Cowling Decal – BK Connected Balance Maze | Size: 5.5 cm Wide x 3.8 cm High | The city’s name can be customized to your preference. Please note in the checkout page the city’s name you would like to purchase
  • (1) Moto Schemes Logo – Medium – Size: 30 cm Wide x 2.6 cm High; OR Moto Schemes Outline Logo – Size: 30 cm Wide x 2.7 cm High
  • (1) MS Alt Logo – Size: 6 cm Wide x 7.4 cm High
  • (2) Numbers – Classic; OR Connected Balance Fill; OR Connected Balance | Size: 2.8 cm Wide x 3.2 cm High | Please note in the checkout page which (2) numbers you would like to purchase
  • (2) Connected Balance Maze Pattern – Size: 60 cm Wide x 60 cm High
  • Detailed installation instructions


FREE SHIPPING! Most orders are processed and manufactured within 3 business days. You will receive a confirmation email once the order is shipped.


  • North America: 7-10 business days
  • Europe: 7-10 business days
  • Asia & Australia: 6-14 business days

  • Returns;

    You have 30 days from receipt of order to return your item. We do not accept returns for items damaged during application. Please reference the Decal Installation Instructions sheet in your kit before applying your product.

    1. Contact Us if your order was damaged in transit.

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