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*** Ready To Ship ***  Gloss Black 1998 to 1999 ZX9R motorcycles.

Pieces: 16 Cowling Parts
Mold Type: Compression
Mold Material: Virgin Thermal Plastic
Compression Mold is when a large plastic piece is forced to conform to the shape of a heated mold.  All the bolt-on fix-tab-spots are manually placed by an experienced motorcycle fairings master.  It only plays a good role of creating older model fairings.  So you may need to have modifications and adjustments done to position it before you put the bolts on, like drilling and cutting when necessary

Compression mold manufactured parts with LIMITED fitment warranty

Included with this Ready to Ship:

Heat Shield

Tank Pad

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Top Features:

  • Show Quality Finish
  • Fast Shipping
  • Pre-Drilled Holes for Easy Installation
  • Parts Replacement Warranty
  • Includes ABS Heat Guard in package


ABS Motorcycle Fairings® are unlike any other bodywork found on the market. We use only top grade Japan imported virgin ABS plastic and superior paint equipment. Our website and images are often imitated but our fairings are never duplicated. Our bodywork is guaranteed to impress & we take great pride in what we make for you.

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  • Standard Polish

    Army Green

    Black Jack (Matte)

    Chevy Orange

    Fire Red

    Gold Sparkle (Transparent)

    Gloss Black

    Iced Candy Blue

    Kiwi Green

    Light Cherry Red

    Pearl White

    Pink Lipstick

    Polar White (Gloss)

    Shocker Yellow

    Soft Red Candy

    Soft Satin White (Matte)

    Sunshine Yellow

    Transparent Copper

    Chartreuse Sherbert

    Lollypop Purple

    Primsatic Gold

    Urban Stealth (Matte Grey)

    Lollypop Blue

    Granny Smith Green

    Lollypop Red

    Passion Pink

    Jamacian Teal

    Intense Blue

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