Fairing Fastener Kit For Honda


Aftermarket Fairing Installation Hardware set for Honda Motorcycles.
This set includes an Inventory List with No Diagram.

Includes hardware for:

Main Fairings (upper/mid/lower, right/left)
Front Fender
Upper Nose Fairing
Tank Cover
Tail Section
Black Accent Parts

Stainless Steel Bolts
Stainless Steel Screws
Flat Washers
Clip Nuts
Weld Nuts
Shoulder Washers
Rubber Nuts
Push Type Retainer

Powder Coated in Florida with Prismatic Powders

Powder Coated Bolts are Shipped From our Florida office

Standard Polish Are Shipped from Florida Office or our Factory

Our Bolts and Screws are made out of stainless steel

We have the most complete fairing fastener kit on the market

However we do not guarantee it is every single item you will particularly need

The parts list was Developed by ABS Employees over the course of 10+ years

  • Standard Polish

    Army Green

    Black Jack (Matte)

    Chevy Orange

    Fire Red

    Gold Sparkle (Transparent)

    Gloss Black

    Iced Candy Blue

    Kiwi Green

    Light Cherry Red

    Pearl White

    Pink Lipstick

    Polar White (Gloss)

    Shocker Yellow

    Soft Red Candy

    Soft Satin White (Matte)

    Sunshine Yellow

    Transparent Copper

    Chartreuse Sherbert

    Lollypop Purple

    Primsatic Gold

    Urban Stealth (Matte Grey)

    Lollypop Blue

    Granny Smith Green

    Lollypop Red

    Passion Pink

    Jamacian Teal

    Intense Blue

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